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Camera Snaking

Not all water issues in your basement mean you have to waterproof. In our over 20 years of experience, we have found the most important aspect of any waterproofing system is proper drainage and grading around your house. Our expert crews have been trained to evaluate your home’s existing drainage system including downspouts and the home’s footer tile to ensure that water is flowing freely through these pipes and away from your home’s foundation.

When these pipes do not function properly, water can seep through the foundation and into the basement. We have the ability to locate clogged, crushed and broken pipes with our camera snaking equipment. Pipes can be cleared of sediment and roots with our jet, mechanical and cutter snake equipment. Our pipe exploration crews also have excavators available to them in the event that a damaged pipe needs to be dug up for repairs or new drainage added to your existing system.

Camera Snaking / Pipe Exploration

 Are your sewer pipes backed up? Has your basement flooded? We provide camera and jet snaking services to inspect and locate problems in your pipes. This involves pushing a camera snake through your piping while monitoring the condition. This minimizes yard damage and allows us to determine the exact clog or break area. You can trust our specialists at Sitework Developing for prompt, quality service every time.

Pipe Exploration

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